Government Health Care Equals Fascism, Communism etc.

Republican congressman Joe Wilson caused a stir last week when he interrupted President Obama's address on health care with the heckle, "You liar". Not, it has to be said, the most creative of heckles, but the key point about Wilson is the ideological gap that his stand illustrates between those who support Obama's proposals for state provided health care, and those who are opposed. Wilson, and many others like him, liken the idea of a government health system to fascism or communism - whichever suits the moment. This critical article on Wilson from the liberal Huffington Post blog exemplifies the depths of the ideological division, with its strident view of what it sees as Wilson's hypocrisy.


jadejohn said…
Hey, if the president might be shady concerning certain issues...then someone needs to speak up, right. This is politics, no one can tell me that all that is said, even about the health care reform, that it will take place-plus there are a lot of UN specifics concerning who will get health care, sorry, I got off the subject

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