The Press's Amazing Turnaround on Robson

As if we needed any further evidence, the First Post carries a timely piece about the press and Bobby Robson. Lauded after his death, and on the occasion of his recent memorial service, as a great man of football, the online paper goes back over the headlines that he had to endure when he was actually the England manager. Nothing, it seems, can exceed the ability of the English press to hurl abuse at the national game's manager - except, perhaps, its venom towards politicians. Perhaps it's just that sports journalists are frustrated footballers, and political journalists frustrated MPs?


consultant said…
Old news. This was done to death when an accident in a Paris underpass turned the media's harlot princess into the media's princess of hearts.
GM said…
Remembering media turnarounds is never 'old news' - constant recognition of its iniquities is certainly a guide to a marginally better society.

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