Monday, February 01, 2010

A Little Rumour Goes A Long Way

What do you do if you're a Liberal MP in a vulnerable seat threatened by a well-funded and personable Tory candidate? Why, quickly come up with a rumour about a local hospital closing of course. That, at least, is what Susan Kramer, Richmond's MP, has come up with, according to blogger Guido Fawkes. Apparently, what was merely a London wide review of all hospitals has generated into a "Kingston Hospital is Under Threat" scare from the scared Liberals. So much so, that they have managed to set up a website, and a facebook group called "Save Kingston Hospital" has garnered over 10,000 gullible members. So when Kingston Hospital doesn't close because, er, there are no plans for it to do so, I wonder how many might start to tell us that facebook is really powerful. Honestly.

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