Liam Byrne's Mistake

James Forsyth in the 'Spectator' provides the explanation for Liam Byrne's apparent lapse of judgement in leaving the "We have no money" note in the drawer of the Chief Secretary's office when he departed. Interviewing Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, Forsyth notes that when he was shadow Chief Secretary, Hammond and Byrne got on well, engaging in friendly banter to and from television studios. Thinking Hammond was almost certain to succeed him, Byrne left the note - something of an in-joke between the two of them. Hammond tells Forsyth he probably wouldn't have revealed its contents, leaving Byrne kicking himself that the Tories failed to gain a majority, thus having to put Lib Dem David Laws into his old office instead!


Anonymous said…
Suggests that Hammond thinks David Laws has no manners...

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