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For those wondering what the point of the Scottish Parliament might be - apparently even the majority of Scots remain determinedly uninterested in its affairs - then be enlightened, for it is clearly to provide the occasional bit of light relief from the drudgery of ordinary politics. Hence the McAveety Affair. Mr. McAveety chairs a Scottish Parliament committee. Thanks to the very modern nature of the Scottish Parliament, all of the committees have microphones in excellent condition. Certainly good enough to pick up Mr. McAveety's 'off air' comments about the 'very attractive girl' sitting in the second row, 'dark and dusky', and whom he later compared to a Gauguin painting. In many ways it's a shame he's felt the need to resign. Scotland's political talent pool is not so large that it can really afford to lose someone who can not only recognise a Gauguin painting, but apply it so effectively to real life.


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