Low Level Blogging

This blog was originally intended to direct A-level politics students towards stories of note in the pursuit of their studies. One or two even managed to access it a couple of times. While that is still meant to be its purpose, it has obviously become a therapeutic sounding board for me as well; we're all columnists in the great connected world of the internet! Its school-based nature does, however, mean that the impetus for regular updates tends to die a death in the long, lesson-less summer period. Why mention that? Simply for tidiness - an explanation of why this is so infrequently updated, at least until September brings another opportunity for me to persuade a new tranche of students that these words are worth reading.


Well you'll just have to read my blog until september then. Or I suppose I could just start reading some proper blogs, written by interesting and articulate people.

Since you'll have so much free time now you won't be blogging, you should keep your eyes out for a by-election or something, you know so you can keep yourself occupied by failing to be elected. Again.

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