Brown and Ford, and a libertarian warning.

Courtesy of Guido Fawkes comes a reference to this gem from the Times' Hugo Rifkind:

At the funeral of President Ford yesterday this country was represented by Sir David Manning, the British Ambassador to the US. Strange that Gordon Brown, for example, couldn’t be persuaded to attend the funeral of this former head of government who stepped in unelected to replace a disgraced predecessor, served a mere two years and was then booted from office at the ballot box. Whatever could have put him off?

On a separate note, Fawkes also quotes a press release today from the Libertarian Alliance which comments on the sometimes bizarre way that freedom is upheld in New Labour Britain. The Alliance's Director, Sean Gabb, says:

"We note with some amusement that in Tony Blair's New Britain, a man may sodomise a schoolboy in a public lavatory, and the police must look the other way; but if he gives the boy a cigarette afterwards, he will soon be committing a criminal act."

The press release then goes on to say that "The Libertarian Alliance actually welcomes the first of these situations."

For those studying classical liberalism, here is its modern counterpart, entirely consistent in its pursuit of the concept of personal freedom without limits, although they use perhaps infelicitous examples! The Fawkes blog contained some crude, but funny, comments in response.


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