Church Thoughts

Looks as if I wasn't far off when I suggested John Reid might hear a few jibes about the government if he came to church this morning. In my own church, prayers about the government's legislative agenda beat ones about the homeless, and for our missionaries abroad, into first place this morning. Meanwhile, the preacher, in an excellent sermon on Luke 12, managed to use the recent troubles at No. 10 to illustrate a point made in verse 2 of that chapter. Luke quotes Jesus saying that, "Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known." Clear references to the problems of a cover-up, should that be the intention of the No. 10 spin doctors over cash for honours.

Oh, and I was delighted to discover that Julius Caesar is buried in my church. Honest. I rested my coffee cup on his not unimpressive tomb only this morning.


Lord Milky said…
The famous Jamaican vagrant is buried in Wallington? Blardy Hell!
GM said…
To be fair, I travel a long way to my church - it's in the city. And while Julius Caesar is buried there, he was never ruler of Rome. But he is famous - as Sir Julius Caesar he was Master of the Rolls under, I think, James I. Crazy name, crazy guy!
C H Daly said…
The thought just crossed my mind that Dan Brown might be interested in writing the next in the 'Da Vinci Code' series based on the labels from this post.

"church, cover up, John Reid, Julius Caesar". That would be a cracker!

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