MPs' Film Choice

Sky Movies have just published a poll of MPs' film choices, and the favourite film amongst our representatives is the blac and white war weepie, 'Casablanca'. I have to say it is one of the few things they seem to be getting right - Casablanca is an outstanding film, and still worth watching if you've never seen it - and, indeed, if you have. I'm not sure what it says about Tory MP's generally, though, that one of their favourite films is 'Carry On Up the Khyber'. Hmmm.


Anonymous said…
MP's never grow up seemingly:

"Star Wars came second, with Conservative MP Stephen Crabb calling it a "timeless masterpiece" featuring his first love - Princess Leia."

Slightly concerned to see Steven Spielberg's drama Saving Private Ryan and Austin Powers: Goldmember, starring Mike Myers together, one assumes not in the same evening.

Is this just another tragic out of touch political PR stunt gone wrong. Or does Lembit Opik really enjoy a bit of Austin Powers while he snuggles up with whichever East-European quasi-celebrity he is currently with on a Friday night?
Lestaki said…
I saw Casablanca courtesy of the Mr Gunning Certified Enlightenment Camp that was Film Club. Happy days...

But it sounds like they pick the same films as normal people, more or less. All the big name big hit things that everyone watches anyway. I'm not suprised, as I've never brought the concept that MP's are supposed to be some kind of superior or inferior strain of humanity, depending on who you ask. To be frank, I suspect this is what you see being what you get. Now if they all picked artsy films I'd never heard of, then I'd have suspected them of lying.

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