3 Primaries, 3 Winners

Another winner for the latest Republican primary in Michigan, and at last the multi-millionaire former governor of Massachussetts has topped the poll.  Romney as a candidate has rather failed to define why he should be president, which might explain his defeats in New Hampshire and Iowa despite spending huge sums of money there.  Michigan has given his campaign a much needed oxygen injection, but we shouldn't read too much into it - this, after all, was a state where his family connections included having a father who used to be governor.  Romney also managed to be utterly underwhelming in his victory speech, trotting out what is by now the tired old 'Comeback' reference - although apparently, Mitt's comeback is 'for America'.  Er, right.

Giuliani and Thompson came bottom of the republican poll again, but I have been asked to comment on Ron Paul's little noted campaign.  Paul has been holding in there with a distinctive libertarian platform, and could yet decide to run as an independent, as could that other maverick Republican, the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.


Marc said…
"much needed oxygen injection"

are you mixing metaphors here?

"much needed breath of fresh air"?
"much needed injection of cash"?

Injecting oxygen (or any gas) is normally considered extremely hazardous.

In order to keep this post vaguely on-topic, I'll point out that should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, the US presidential terms over almost 20 years will go: Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton.

Time for change indeed! :)
future tory PM said…
Romney may win the odd state but whether he will actully come better than second in most is his bigger problem. Plus, more trivially, he is a mormon and this almost certainly will do him harm. The basic point is, however, that his campaign runs on huge piles of cash and little else, especially policies and plans if he were to be elected as president.

Obama for the win!
gm said…
Apart from your helpful metaphorical advice, marc,I agree that one of Hillary Clinton's most serious problems might well be the knowledge that her election seems to enshrine a dynastic approach to ruling America.
benross said…
Tut tut giles, you obviously missed romneys win in wyoming!

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