'Bring Back Vince'

At the time of writing the parliamentary sketches haven't appeared on the newspaper websites yet, so we await their all important verdict on Nick Clegg's underwhelming debut as Lib Dem leader at Prime Minister's Questions today. He didn't mess up, but he didn't stun either. There were, apparently, shouts of 'Bring Back Vince' from the Tory and Labour benches and actually, worthy though Clegg's question about fuel prices leading to 25,000 deaths might have been, he still lacked a bit of the humour and lightness of touch that served his predecessor well. But humour was at a premium today. Gordon Brown raged his way through PMQ's, asking almost as many questions of David Cameron as Cameron was asking of him (perhaps they could re-name this Leader of the Opposition Questions?), and Cameron tried some humour towards Clegg, and then more savage humour towards Brown, but it all came across as just rather bad-tempered. Where's the love??


future tory PM said…
Its about time that there was some genuine dislike between the opposition leader and Prime Minister. It helps to put down the claim that all politicians are to friendly and agree with each other.

Gordon Brown has emerged much better than he should have done though. He was overly aggressive and a question behind Cameron as he refused to acknowledge that Cameron had indeed answered the question over the issue of I.D cards for foreigners asked of him by Brown the first time!

Nick Clegg was inconsequential even though his questions were indeed valid. He may improve over time but unless he does it quickly, the lib dems might not give him the chance to...

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