New Hampshire Screws Media

I was jolted awake some time after 6 by the very voice of the devil talking about hell. When I'd recovered my sanity, I realised that the voice belonged to Senator John McCain. The Today programme was broadcasting his speech about Osama Bin Laden - McCain proclaims, lest anyone be in any doubt, that as president he 'would chase Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell'. Excellent. Because what we need is a president who is prepared to get a little more aggressive out there in the Middle East.

Actually, McCain, to be fair, is one of the better Republican candidates (I know, I know - that really is like suggesting Posh is one of the more intelligent Spice Girls, but there we go) and his win in New Hampshire was every bit as exciting as the astonishing Hillary Clinton turnaround. Well, actually, more a sort of turn-and-turn-again-around, since Clinton was well in the lead, then behind after Iowa, then back in the lead. Americans are nothing if not fickle, and they do love their underdogs. At this rate, every candidate will have a chance to top a poll somewhere; there's definitely space for someone to grab the Alaskan primary.

This is the most open presidential race for about half a century. After getting huge amounts of egg on their face in New Hampshire, the pundits are certainly going to be wary about calling the results. It was great, for instance, to read the 'Sun's' usual crass anti-Hillary slot and fawn all over Obama before they'd got the actual result. There's actually beenm quite a lot of fawning over Obama, even from Tories, as Conservative Home shows in this post. But then, he is an exciting candidate, even if he hasn't quite worked out all his ideas, and both he and Hillary have genuine political star power. For the Republicans, McCain, Giuliani and Huckabee are all 'outsider' possibilities; I think Romney is frankly too damaged now though. McCain is a solid 'anti-Bush' Republican for all his hard line on the war, but I think the race is still the Democrats' to lose - 'change' is the most over-used word in the campaign at the moment, but Americans seem desperate for it, and that probably means changing party in the White House as well. Let's see - for all the January excitement, the presidential poll isn't until November. And a mere week is.........well, you should know the rest!


future tory PM said…
It would not be the first time that a vote was called incorrectly by the media. The controversial Florida presidential vote back in 2000 spings to mind with fox (bloody Murdoch) going the different way!

However, the issue of 'change' is the real laughable idea though. Hillary CLINTON is always ranting on about 'change' despite the fact of the dynasty that seems to be forming in US politics. Change indeed! America needs Obama who is calmer and instantly more likeable than Clinton. He could even win America back some sorely needed credibility on the world stage.
American Old Sutt said…
Interesting to read your take on things, as always, Giles! I have to challenge your statement that Americans "do love their underdogs". Apart from Rocky (who isn't really an underdog) Americans love nothing more than home-run hitting, touchdown scoring, political landslide winners! Second means nothing, see the coverage on Monday post-Superbowl, the losers will be lucky to get a single column. As for the truly exciting "Race for the Presidency" i was suprised you weren't more of a fan of the God-fearing Romney! McCain is probably the most acceptable Republican candidate, the NY Times picked him as their best of a bad lot. The Democrats have the problem of two acceptable candidates, one minortiy candidate, safer but with more baggage, the other minority candidate who has the official Kennedy aura now as well as the support of America's youth. American politics is showing British politics how to interesting and exciting, on a local and national scale, politics can be.

Cashew Mowlard
GM said…
Because it's personal, American politics has always been more interesting than British - and they're bigger, and a superpower, so that helps!! Romney is a Mormon, so not God-fearing in the way I'd prefer - for that you want Huckabee, but he really isn't fit to be president! Of course the cringing pinkoes at the NY Times will hate the Republicans, but they are right about the notoriously short-tempered McCain! As for the democrats, my my what an intriguing set-up. I see that the Kennedys have come out for Obama, so an older political dynasty is clearly kyboshing a newer one! As an old sutt on the ground, perhaps you could do me a guest blog report?!!

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