Brown's Narrative

In seeking to persuade us that he is the man to get us through the economic downturn, and perhaps provoke a bit of sympathy, Gordon Brown strayed into personal territory. He reminded everyone of the fact that he has overcome some difficult times himself, which is presumably meant to be a clumsy metaphor for the national picture. It was in many ways a gruesome speech, and while I don't often find myself rooting for Richard Littlejohn, I did feel that, in his own intemperate fashion, he hit the nail on the head with this response to the Brown speech in the Daily Mail.
Meanwhile, in a transparent piece of gimickry, the Cabinet have met outside of London for the first time since Lloyd George called everyone to his holiday home in Inverness. Truly historic. Not in any way a replacement for imaginative political thinking, or an attempt to make a tired bunch of no-hopers look dynamic and sensitive to the national mood.


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