Tory Posers

Just when I was thinking that the Tories were playing things rather well, we get two sets of images today which are hardly calculated to endear them to the public. First, their leader, David Cameron, attends the swish do that is held to promote a by all accounts execrable book called "Cameron on Cameron". Written by Dylan Jones, the editor of style magazine GQ, this exercise in navel gazing allows all our worst preconceptions about the son of privilege to rise to the surface.

Next, a bunch of ambitious Tory candidates, united in their utter lack of judgement, have allowed Tatler magazine to take glossy photos of them wearing expensive clothing and bill them as the Tory cabinet of the future. If these ridiculous individuals really do think that this somehow advances the conservative cause, then the hope some of us might be investing in a future Tory government looks as if it should evaporate faster than a puddle in Arizona.

GQ and Tatler. Truly, a great way of extending the Tory reach out of the affluent suburbs.


consultant said…
Giles you seem surprised. What, exactly, were you expecting?

Cameron's entire programme has been the "decontamination" of the Tory brand. No policies, no weighty political argument, just pure, unadulterated spin.

GC, Tatler, the Tory party. Plenty of style, very little substance. Get used to it! The only fun left for a Tory-hater is watching real Tories splutter as they realise just how pathetic Cameron's lot really are. Dark, I accept, but very fun nonetheless.
consultant said…
That is, of course, a Q and not a C.
I buy GQ for the tits. Bumper issue that month, it seems.
Pier said…
I love how the Tatler article gives away the future cabinet positions. It makes it look like one of those kids TV programmes where they do the whole "Here we have Katie from Reading, so Katie, what would you like to be when you're older?"..."I want to be the Trade & Industry Secretary!"

...and as for the Guido Fawkes claim that this somehow demonstrate that the Tory party is the better looking, did he just ignore Shaun Bailey (#1)?? He has literally got to be the most disproportionate man in politics!

This will hopefully be the start of a slow-burning theme in the news that the Tories are becoming increasingly arrogant and cocky.

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