Wizarding support

J.K.Rowling has given £1 million to the Labour Party, and accompanied it with a few choice comments as to why Gordon Brown, husband of her friend Sarah Macaulay, is the best man for the country in these difficult economic times. And I suppose there is some justice in Brown's receiving such strong support from the inventor of a fantasy world of wizards and witches in which the main financial institution is run by goblins, guarded by magic that is meant to be attack-proof and successfully raided by a heinous half-dead force of long-forgotten evil.


Pier said…
This will interest you Gilo,

"Then there is the issue that a whole generation of children have been brought up on a morality series based on Labour philosophy - themes in the book about of compassion and love, egalitarianism (the Weasleys are poor), anti-racism (the horror of the 'pure blood' movement) and so on. Any Malfoy-like or Dursley-like Tories should be shivering as the generation brought up on Potter will start to vote in about five years time... I always thought George Osborne was Lucius Malfoyish, only he's dark instead of blond."


Given our current state, I think we're fully entitled to clutch on to straws!

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