AS Revision Notice

I will add a link to the sidebar for ease of reference, but AS students might wish to know that that they can now access the exam materials from January 09, including the question paper, mark scheme and examiners' report, by going to the relevant SGS Politics web-page here.

These are well worth looking through, although they are only Unit 1 materials. Note especially the Examiners' 'General Comments' on the January sitting, where they note:

The questions on pressure groups arose as the most popular, but at the same time this was an area where underperformance and lack of attention to detail cost many candidates dearly. The question on political parties now showing an emphasis on ideas and policies saw a more focused approach and candidates performed relatively well, though as noted here there are still areas to develop.

It is worth emphasising the pressure group point about lack of attention to detail costing candidates dearly - so it may be worth checking the 'Politics Review' article about Pressure Groups, and going over to the tutor2u politics blog for the recent post about pressure groups and democracy, focusing on Fathers For Justice.

In addition, note their comment that the parties questions focuses more on ideas and policies - so a useful steer about where to guide your revision on parties.

Finally, as well as the exam materials, this page also contains some of the power-point presentations used during the year.


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