AS Revision Sessions

There are not that many available times where students are not sitting AS-level exams, but I propose to run the following sessions for those who want them:

Thursday May 14th.: 1.30 - 2.30pm - Democracy and Referendums
Monday May 18th.: 4pm - 5pm - Elections and Electoral Systems, followed by 5pm - 6pm Pressure Groups (but please note that timings for these sessions may slip a little.)

The format will be to review the content, with examples, and then consider sample questions and answers. Given time constraints (1 hour for each session) the aim will be to consider key points and facts to illuminate the topic as a whole, rather than comprehensive coverage.

If there is demand for a session on parties, I will fix a time with students who contact me direct, or leave a note on this blog.

History sessions are posted on the history blog.

Students are of course more than welcome to fix a time to see me with revision essays or other aspects of the course they may wish to go through. Please email or phone.


Comrade Major said…
Unless I'm the only one, I would turn up for a session on parties, if there would be one...

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