Defending Gordon

Gordon Brown's sister-in-law has written a revealing article in the Guardian today, putting their side of the PM's Cleaning Expenses Story. A useful reminder of the often distorted nature of media stories. Not that, in this instance, it excuses a range of other MPs' abuses which seem rather less justifiable, but I also note that both Michael Gove and Andrew Lansley have provided explanations for their shift in primary residence, both related to family circumstances rather than the desire to make a quick buck. I have, on this blog, been as fulsome as any in criticising a venal and money-grubbing culture at Westminster, but am also happy to accept that there may be proper explanations for some. Which makes it all the more extraordinary that too few 'honest' MPs are prepared to admit that too many of their colleagues have demeaned the calling of political public service in the way that they have.


consultant said…
Are you getting paid commission every time you use the word "venal" at the moment?

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