The Meaninglessness of Esther.....and Martin Bell

While I try and recover some dignity from having penned phrases this morning which declared that yes, absolutely, Michael Martin would stay on as Speaker and anyone who said otherwise could shove it, I thought I would at least refer people to an excellent article on the 'First Post' website, about why Esther Rantzen is hardly the solution to the problems of political corruption. Since, along the way, the article's author, Peter Briffa, has a pop at the saintly Martin Bell, it is well worth a read.


Anonymous said…
Hello! :)
Martin Bell said…
Esther Rantzen once caught her child smoking. To prevent such a thing happening again, she gave them cigarette after cigarette until they vomited and could take no more (that's about 3 fags when you're 12). Then she made them finish the whole pack until they nearly DIED.

When I phoned them about this matter, Childline couldn't be bothered to bring about any sort of prosecution to bear on old Esther. Funny that...

It is for this reason that I will be voting BNP at the next election.

Good day.
Chris Wotton said…
I bet they didn't smoke again, though...sounds like quite a sensible woman to me.

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