The Climate Change Debate

A few faked email stats and suddenly the entire edifice of climate change is in the balance. There's no doubt that the revelation of less than pure scientific method being used by the prominent climate change boffins at the University of East Anglia has given a new lease of life to the climate change deniers, or climo-sceptics. But, as we get ready to see our leaders parading their concern at the Copenhagen Summit, the debate seems to be engendering some thoroughly bad tempered exchanges. The Daily Politics website has a lot of material, including the scientist of Newsnight who called his sceptic opponent an "arsehole" on air (although, having seen the video, he may have had a point) and the rather hostile debate between the Spectator's Fraser Nelson and climate change defender Bob Watson on Sky. Politically, the Australian Liberal Party* leader, Malcolm Turnbull, has been forced out by his party because he was minded to support the ruling Labour Party's commitment to cut carbon emissions. He has now been replaced by a more traditional, anti-gay marriage cheerleader. David Cameron, watch out.

* The Liberal Party in Australia is the equivalent of the British Conservative Party. It was a Liberal Party spin-doctor who came over to England to help Michael Howard's Conservatives in the last general election, coming up with a generally populist, right-wing campaign. Back in the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher and then Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser also had a close working relationship.


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