The World's Dumbest Cabin Crew

BA cabin crew are well paid compared to those of other airlines. Their working hours are not extensive, and long-haul crew always get a decent stay at their place of destination to recover from the rigours of pushing trollies up and down the plane every so often. The new pay schemes do not affect existing workers, only those newly entering the job. BA itself has serious financial problems - hardly a world exclusive at this time of recession - and many of its other staff, from its chief executive downwards, took pay holidays this year to help ease the pressure. Lots of people in the UK have been suffering the effects of the economic downturn, but might also have saved enough to be able to look forward to a few days abroad over Christmas or the new year. So, given all this, well done the BA cabin crew, who always seemed to be such nice people, for their brilliant decision to take on a 12 day strike from December 22nd to January 2nd.

It's certainly got our attention. But the real brilliance of this move will be when they all start facing redundancies because no-one wants to risk flying with BA any more. After all, knowing what you know now about the cabin crew's propensity to strike at the most inopportune moment - would you ever book a flight with them again?


Anonymous said…
It'll simply turn out like the Royal Mail fiasco...
Chris said…
Hope your brother doesn't read the blog!
GM said…
Naturally, I will always book with BA loyalty wins every time!
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