The Sun is Bad for the Tories

Zac Goldsmith may be having a few difficulties with his non-dom status at the moment, but good on this maverick Tory candidate for saying what many Tories think - the deal with the Sun newspaper is a deal too far!


consultant said…
This is simply more "say absolutely anything in response to current public opinion" posturing from the Tories.

The overwhelming majority of the public though the Sun went far too far with its attacks on Brown about his letters to the families of fallen troops. Indeed, this led to a feeling of public sympathy for Mr Brown.

Some in the Tory camp have come to the conclusion that this contributed to the recent softening of the Tory lead in the opinion polls (it almost certainly didn't). So it is very convenient for a bright young thing in the party to come out with an attack like this, to try to convince the public that the Tories, too, think the Sun got it wrong.

Far from being angry at Goldsmith, Cameron is probably quietly pleased. Zac is sufficiently high profile to make sure it gets reported, but is sufficiently removed from Cameron's inner circle to avoid upsetting Rupert.

Another excellent piece of media relations management from the new look Tories, then. But they still lack the policies and the gravitas needed to win an election - a situation that seems to be getting worse for them, not better.

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