Easter Perspective

The New Statesman's James MacIntyre at least has some perspective on politics as we head to the Easter weekend. He reprints the Archbishop of Canterbury's Easter letter on his blog, a service to all of us who occasionally like to look to the far horizons of humanity. In the letter, Rowan Williams steers us to the plight of Christians suffering persecution and whole communities fending off fear and poverty in many parts of the world. The hope and joy that the Resurrection points to is usually better understood by those who are not viewing the world from the apathetic comforts of western armchairs. Perhaps more notably, if Williams is able to remind us of a larger world that demands our focus and compassion, we may become more graceful and tolerant in our own sphere too. I've also kept Nicholas Kristof's article link up in the 'Recommended Reading' section, since it serves as a reminder of what Christian action can aspire to at its best, and it is a salutary correction to the often over-judgemental attitudes perceived to come from the modern western (and African) church.

Incidentally, as Christians consider the message of grace that underpins the Passion, today brings the interesting news that ferocious gay rights campaigner, and frequent church critic, Peter Tatchell has condemned the fine levied against a homophobic preacher! Who would Jesus be talking to I wonder?


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