Peter Bingle's Despair

Channel 4's lobbyist was Peter Bingle from Bell Pottinger. Judging from his recent tweets, there really is nothing new about his despair, and nothing mysterious about his political motivation - he is a nostalgic Thatcherite.

Yesterday, he echoed Lord Tebbit's view that Ashcroft could be the ruination rather than the salvation of Tory hopes. He wants school vouchers (an idea beloved of the right) and misses the inspiring speeches of Margaret Thatcher. He muses that "Hilton [Cameron's key strategist] should spend more time in California". And, of course, he gives us the rightist mantra that all Cameron needs to do is give us "small government, low taxes and personal choice". The point is, his disillusion has been long-term, and it is less to do with the Ashcroft issue or the apparent lack of control of Tory strategy, and much more to do with his own nostalgia for a leader who isn't David Cameron.


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