Leaders' TV Beauty Contests Agreed

So there are to be three television debates between the three party leaders in the run-up to the election. Thus, politics becomes even more of a television beauty contest, for better or worse. Sky's Glen O'Glaza tried to suggest that the debates would not simply be a boost for the best television performer, but that is nonsense of course. All three party leaders will now be focusing their attention on how they will indeed come across as the best television performer.

Received wisdom has it that Nick Clegg is the winner here. Clegg, though, if his public speaking so far is anything to go by, is a stilted, humourless and unconvincing performer who may well end up simply reminding everyone why the Liberals aren't making nearly enough headway. Without Piers Morgan to pump up the emotional level, Gordon Brown is unlikely to show the necessary empathy to really triumph in the televisual forum, which probably leaves David Cameron as the likely victor of this new stage in political campaigning. These debates could be worth a good few polling points for him.


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