Tebbit on Bercow

Norman Tebbit and John Bercow used to be close. Political allies, even. When Tebbit, as Conservative Party Chairman, was compelled to close down the party's rambunctious student wing, the Federation of Conservative Students, it was the then student chairman, John Bercow, who alienated many of his erstwhile libertarian allies by joining up with the old authoritarian bruiser Tebbit in easing the FCS out of the party's misery. How times have changed. Tebbit, from his perch as mischief-maker-in-chief to the Tories, is advocating that Tory voters in Bercow's constituency of Buckingham should be looking to cast their vote elsewhere. Bercow, says Tebbit, is no Tory. He doesn't specifically tell disillusioned Tories to vote for UKIP's Nigel Farage, but you get the impression it wouldn't upset him if they did.


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