Close To A Deal?

There seems little doubt that the Lab-Lib Dem talks have collapsed, with some suggestions from Downing Street that Nick Clegg was not really committed to them in any case. He needed to consult Labour to keep some of his party associates happy, along with former leaders like Ashdown and Campbell. Rumours in the early evening include the Lib Dems having 6 cabinet places. Nick robinson is speculating that Ken Clarke could be Chancellor, with Cable as his Chief Sec., and Clegg as Deputy PM of course. Osborne would go to Business in a swap with Clarke. Could be a very sound coalition!

UPDATE: The Spectator's Alex Massie has this explanation of Nick Clegg's recent manouevrings.


Anonymous said…
I'm enjoying your blogs Giles - your opinion of the Lib Dems appears to have tempered a little!
Ben Ross said…
"clegg as deputy pm of course"

Surely deputy PM is a nothing position, i would have thought clegg would ask for Home secretary.

This is a good day for Labour. They are no longer the government, and can regroup in opposition whilst the lib dems suffer the backlash.

Bit fed up with the media telling me how much ive hated the last 5 days. 5 days really isnt that long to form a government! Takes the Americans a considerably longer time to do it.
Saw this on politicshome, its an analysis of a photo of what appears to be Clegg's negotiation notes or demands as he heads in to meet the tories:
Anonymous said…
Clegg speaks 4 European languages - perhaps the Foreign Secretary job would be more appropriate!
GM said…
Anonymous - obviously the Lib Dems are my new favourite people! Ben, agree that 5 days is nothing when forming a government, and I have to say I for one have been loving it! I think Clegg could get Home Sec as well as Deputy PM incidentally.

Hezza on BBC explaining that Deputy PM could be a job with real authority!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to hear it Giles - I have taken some ribbing from you in the past!!

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