The People Decide

So, briefly, the politicians stop and the people decide....for one day only! I've cast my vote. I was wavering back and forth during the campaign, voting as I am in a Lib Dem marginal. But I have stuck with my political tribe, much as I often despair of them, and once again lent the Conservatives my vote. I believe in David Cameron's attempts to pursue One Nation Conservatism, and I believe that this is, potentially, a last chance for such a brand to survive. Much as I like my local Lib Dem MPs, I have cast my vote nationally. I confess I could have done it with more enthusiasm, but having made my commitment I am happy it was the right one. And in terms of results, I really do want to see a Conservative majority - the idea of a hung parliament, with the nationalist parties holding the mainstream ones to ransom over how much funding goes the way of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, does not seem to me to be a recipe for governmental success. But we shall see. This election has been one of the most unpredictable in decades, and tonight's results will be nailbiting. The people are deciding, but we seem no more clear than the politicians seeking to represent us.


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