Stroud and the Lib Dems in the Twittersphere

Actually that's two separate issues really. First, I notice that the Philippa Stroud story is the number one trending topic in the UK twittersphere - still! Many twitterers are apoplectic about her reported comments, and equally outraged that no broadcast media has sought to report on them. There may be a lot going on in cyber-space when it comes to politics, but the level of "Get this onto the broadcast media" comments being made certainly make it clear where most people believe the key stories are debated and decided - on good old fashioned television.

Meanwhile, ex-SGS politics student Jack Marshall is currently reporting from New York on the digital world, and notes in this report that it is the Lib Dems who seem furthest ahead in their use of social media. We are still, of course, nowhere near the US/Obama model, but perhaps it is Lib Dem activists after all who are keeping Philippa Stroud at the top of the twitter lists at the moment!


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