No Darling Leadership Plan

An enticing rumour going the rounds amongst Labour supporters has been the thought that, should Gordon Brown go down to a substantial defeat next week, he would resign the leadership straight away and Alistair Darling could become the new 'interim leader'. Darling has proved himself a more than steady political operator as chancellor, and has, moreover, withstood the storm that engulfed him from No. 10 a few months ago. He is no political patsy, and is regarded as being a steadying figure in the party as chancellor. Alas for Labour, Darling himself has quashed the idea, in an interview on the BBC with Andrew Neil where he says he has no interest in being an interim leader. Back to the boy Miliband then.....


consultant said…
I like the way you turned "Tom's drunken rambling over dinner" into "an enticing rumour doing the rounds amongst Labour supporters".

You also failed to repeat on your blog the ringing endorsement you gave Darling. I think your exact words were "I'd vote for him".

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