Lembit's Comic Resurrection

I always found Lembit Opik to be a somewhat annoying celebrity MP - trivial and crowd-pleasing, a man whose performances in front of the student audiences that I take AS politics students to were a cringeworthy example of the lowest point that politicians-as-celebrities could get to. Now that he's been kicked out he has finally entered fully into the world of showbiz that he always hankered after, with his appearance this evening on "Have I Got News For You". He wasn't great, and elements of his attempts at being self-deprecating about his own recent defeat were indeed cringeworthy, but you've got to hand it to the man, he's not wasted any time moping about and feeling sorry for himself. He's dusted himself off and allowed himself to face a potentially mocking public, with the consequence that there actually seemed to be a lot of sympathy for him amongst the audience. Mind you, I thought he was about to lose that carefully won sympathy when he got his bloody harmonica out and started playing it - some things he really doesn't learn.


consultant said…
One of the best tweets I saw on election night followed shortly after his loss:

"Lembit Opik finally learns the electoral disadvantage of being a complete twat."
Anonymous said…
Opik is a god amongst men

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