English Results

If David Cameron does manage to secure a government with Lib Dem agreement, he could do better than to put Scottish and Welsh independence near the top of his reform agenda. The English results, shorn of the two semi-devolved provinces, make for interesting reading:

Conservatives 297
Labour 191
Lib Dems 43
Green 1

Total seats 532 (1 still to declare - likely to be Tory)

Giving the Conservatives a healthy 62 seat overall majority!


consultant said…
Yes because he'd easily get his party to support full break up of the union!

That said, I support full independence for London.
Comrade Major said…
Definitely, it's not English anyway, it's got 2 million foreigners in it.
Comrade Major said…
For the record 97% of all Tory seats are in England...

Doesn't really give them such a mandate to rule over the rest of the UK...

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