Blair, Cameron, Clegg.....

So, Nick Clegg is standing for Lib Dem leader. Still unknown to most voters, his launch today has drawn comment mainly because he seems to be in the same mould as David Cameron, who was seen to be in the same mould as Tony Blair. Clegg even pulled off the same trick as Cameron - he spoke without notes! Thing is, do we really want another 40-something with little political experience but a telegenic appeal? Hmmm...unfortunately, the polls may suggest we do!

Newsnight's Michael Crick, meanwhile, was busy door-stepping both Clegg and Chris Huhne today, showing marked similarities to the interviewing style of Michael Moore and coming across as being just as annoying.

More on this contest as it progresses. For the next few days, though, I'm away with the glorious CCF, as we head to the land of Norfolk Blogger, but without the opportunity to blog!


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