Sky v. BBC

Gordon Brown's decision to reveal his election thinking to just one BBC journalist - Andrew Marr - has created something of a media spat. Sky News, in particular, is clearly unhappy, a point made implicitly on political editor Adam Boulton's blog. Boulton was also aggressive towards Home Secretary Jacqui Smith when she tried to maintain the pretence that Labour thought they could win an election now if necessary, while the whole tenor of the Sky report this evening, with the election decision still getting top billing, was thoroughly antagonistic.

It is interesting to see if the Murdoch machine as a whole is turning against Brown. The Sun's headline is "He's in the Brown Stuff". Not the most brilliant of headlines, but it makes the point.

The BBC, meanwhile, is of course broadcasting the Marr interview, which is remarkably soft towards Brown, and noticeably sharper with Cameron. Their evening bulletins have also pushed the story into second place. The right-wing blogosphere is, inevitably, awash with anti-BBC comments, and however exaggerated some of these are, the broadcaster does seem to have veered too close to being seen as the Prime Minister's official news agency.


future tory PM said…
Well I have suspected that the BBC has been leaning to the left recently and it does not greatly suprise me. What does suprise me is that an organisation that is supposed to be impartial is getting away with this obvious bias towards Brown.

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