Tories' Trick or Treat

And with David Cameron basking in strong approval ratings within his own party, how best to keep the Tory fires going, than with this seasonal poster - free copies for all the kids! (spotted courtesy of the Boulton Blog!)


consultant said…
Good to see that, as promised, David Cameron is focusing on policy and issues the voters care about.

From the Blair devil eyes of '97, to the "It's not racist to hate black people" campaign at the last election, to this. One day the Tories will realise that, however hilarious they think they are, the negative campaign ads don't work. The electorate doesn't go for them because they smack of a smug, condescending nature in which politics is a jolly good joke.

Let's hear some ideas from our political parties.
C H Daly said…
I couldn't agree more regarding the negative advertising campaigns; remember the old "Vote Blair, get Brown" poster? If anything then I'm sure that the Tories actually boosted public support for the Labour party with that suggestion.

Regarding Cameron's recent comments on immigration; the man has said nothing! He wants to "cut net immigration" but he hasn't suggested how much this is or how he or anyone else is going to do it. Pandering to the right of his party? You bet he bloody is.

I've been annoyed recently with Brown for renegading on his 'conviction politician' morals but unless Cameron actually articulates himself as a viable alternative then I have little choice in the matter.

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