Safe? Or Stupid?

Well of course it makes eminent sense to introduce photo ID's for the 50 or so staff at SGS. After all, there's no chance we'll recognise each other if we don't have that picture hanging round our necks. And, of course, the tragic events at the playing fields on Friday evening, when valuables in an unlocked room were stolen, would simply not have happened if we'd only introduced ID cards earlier.

I personally feel a whole lot safer now that colleagues I've known for years are properly identified, and of course it would be wholly inappropriate for students to even think of entering classrooms if the teacher's photo ID isn't clearly displayed. If it's not, they should immediately go and find a stranger to play with. We don't need books, or more computers in the sixth form centre. I don't want our IT director to waste his time trying to get the UCAS site up and running when he's got to take photos for IDs instead. Indeed, after just one day of the liberating use of the little plastic tags, I can't believe we survived without them. I'm amazed that students dared to come to school for all those years, knowing that their very survival was at stake in the school with no photo ID.

Mocking aside, the saddest thing is the observation that this dumb, wasteful, laughable policy was introduced by a governing body who thought they were doing a good thing. In the age of George Bush and Tony Blair's War on Terror, have intelligent people really surrendered their common sense to such an extent that they simply accept and mouth the mantra that "ID Cards = Safety"?


David Carnell said…
Oh God Giles. Please tell me this isn't true!

I know it is against your leanings but couldn't some sort of flying pickett based strike action have stopped this nonsense.

I am a socialist and love the state helping out but ID give me the creeps. And on teachers?! Give me strength. What idiot pen-pusher agrred to this then?
unkown year 12 said…
Personally i'm all for ID cards, especially for teachers who could be crooks, or maybe even spies! You never know these days if its a teacher or someone with a mask, and i feel they will go a huge way to stopping the uncontrolable theft problem at SGS.

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