Gordon the Ridiculous

Have just been watching Ed Milliband spinning furiously and unconvincingly on the BBC, pretending poor old Gordon is merely a victim of rumour and never really had a thought of calling an election. Adam Boulton on Sky, apparently, has been scathing about the quality of Brown's coterie of youthful advisers, reminding us that said 'advisers', such as Milliband, Alexander, and Balls, are all actually senior Cabinet ministers. Whoever in the New Labour high command is responsible for this mess, they have at least produced a first class, gold plated mess. Brown must be watching Musharaff acknowledging victory in a distinctly dodgy election, with some envy.

Last word to Brown's auld enemy, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond:
Those whom the gods seek to destroy they first render ridiculous, and this shambles leaves Gordon Brown looking totally ridiculous.

Adam Boulton has been sticking the knife in again, commenting that Brown has made his announcement in a pre-recorded interview (with the sympathetic and relatively easy Marr) whereas Campbell and Cameron, of course, have been fielding live interviews! The BBC may have broken this news, but Sky seem to have a sharper response. (Boulton's irritable blog comment is here - clearly miffed about the exclusive nature of the Brown announcement.)


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