Boris' Election

The Tories may be being rattled by thoughts of a general election, but one election they are probably looking forward to, if only because it promises humour, colour and a clash of titanic egos, is the London mayoral election. Boris launched his campaign today in front of a fairly modest looking audience, comprised largely of people who have signed up to his facebook campaign. His promotional video started in mute fashion as well - there was Boris talking, but no actual sound was coming out his mouth (a situation some Conservative strategists might prefer to maintain). Nonetheless, the Tories' most recognisable public figure is now in the running - even if, at present, it is simply for the actual party nomination.

Should he get his party's call he will, of course, be up against the arch manipulator himself, Ken Livingstone, with likely third candidate interest being provided for the Lib Dems' by SGS's very own ex-pupil, former police chief Brian Paddick.

Anyway, the Boris campaign website is here, and it includes the promotional video - with sound fully active. Watch it and see if you can listen without wanting to laugh; then ask whether you see Boris as a politician or a comedian.


Lestaki said…
Well, I've watched the video. It was full of platitudes, abuse of the word "we" and generic sentiments (better transport) alongside Tory rhetoric (small government).

In short, it was like every other politician's platform that I ever did see. Not sure what was the funny thing. Boris actually came across as moderately competant to me.
GM said…
It's just Boris. He's funny even when he's trying to be serious. He can't really do weighty....or perhaps it's just me?

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