Could the Sun be setting on Brown?

The Sun has launched a new political campaign. It wants a referendum on the EU Treaty. It has invoked Churchillian headlining to get its cheeky, heartwarming message across - yesterday's 'Never have so few decided so much for so many', and today's verdict on Brown's speech: 'Not His Finest Hour'. So is its all too powerful owner, the non-UK domiciled, non-UK taxpaying Rupert Murdoch, cooling on Labour's new leader?

Murdoch hates the EU because it is big enough to regulate him and stop him in his tracks. But his top-selling red-top successfully masquerades as a patriotic defender of British interests, and often makes the claim that it can get leaders elected. It would be nice to see politicians of all colours racing full pelt away from the super soaraway Sun, but sadly, if there is a chance that it is moving away from Brown, we can guarantee that the Euro-sceptic Cameron (and his former Murdoch employee appointment as Communications Director, Andy Coulson) will be leaping through any hoop necessary to win its support back to his party.

Meanwhile, in other news from the politically savvy Sun:
- Meet some of Paris Hilton's hot loves;
- X-rated chocs made me rich, says the man behind Britain's first range of premium saucy chocs;
- Jade Goody's slimming pill hell;
- and Sun Woman offers advice on how to school yourself to a brand new hot bod, with their Back to School fitness and health regime!

How other countries must envy our newspapers!


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