Cheeky News for Ming

Sir Menzies Campbell, trying to focus on worthy policies rather than media trivia, would not be human if he hadn't groaned inwardly at the latest bit of publicity garnered by his party clown, Lembit Opik. Opik's holiday snaps of himself and his Romanian girlfriend are currently appearing in 'Hello' magazine, that well known repository of political insights. Lembit's girl, famously one half of the one-hit-wonders the Cheeky Girls, was in Romania for breast enlargement and eye-bag removal treatment, preparatory to relaunching her 'musical career'. Lembit was doubtless hoping to relaunch his political career, but no such luck.

However, Ming can take some comfort from a poll in today's Guardian. It places David Cameron as the least liked of the party leaders, nicely behind Ming himself and the Great Gordo. Good leadership news at last!


Anonymous said…
you need to let Lembit lose. The current shower spend a fortune and still only manage 12%
Get a grip Lib Dems

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