Boris in Sutton!

"I'm delighted to be in one of the few parts of the country that I haven't yet insulted."

And so began the inimitable Boris Johnson's patter as he disembarked briefly from his battlebus to address the denizens of Sutton High Street. I'm not sure what sort of audience he was expecting during his mid-morning stopover, but at least he can say he's been here; and, a point he made clearly, his opponent rarely bothers to concern himself with London's outer boroughs. This blog's exclusive video capture of Boris' Sutton foray is courtesy of senior prefects Matthew Hurst-Smith and James Miller, who had somehow evaded the top-range, tri-gates security system that now encircles the school to grab a brief, illicit moment of freedom in Sutton. On their way to their reserved table in Starbucks, they saw the Tories' most noted celebrity, and quickly captured his doubtless oft-repeated stump speech. Alas for SGS, Boris was too busy to come and visit us personally, so the video has to do.


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