The Chancellor's Cat, and other stories

You know it's a quiet time on the domestic political front when you find news about a cat in Downing Street creeping up the story table. Apparently, there is a new cat around at 10 Downing Street. Fascinatingly, it's called Sybil, and belongs to a chap called Alastair Darling. As such, it is getting more publicity than its owner has managed in several months. As most members of the new L6 politics set revealed all too shamefully, the identity of Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer is a well kept secret. His cat, however, can apparently garner acres of publicity...

Less significant news might encompass the growing call for a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty. It is not entirely surprising that David Cameron is clutching at this one in the same way that one might seize anxiously on the one edible item on display in the school canteen, but to Gordon Brown's dismay, the TUC today also voted in favour of holding a referendum. Europe, designed to reduce even the fastest pulse to a crawl, still manages to wind the political classes into a lather. As for Cameron, like his predecessors, he clearly sees a healthy dose of Euro referendum calling as a catch all cure for party division.


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