Gordon Resurfaces; A Political Class is Exposed

Gordon Brown, for all his admirable qualities, does have a tendency to flit under the radar when the going gets tough. He's been virtually invisible over the last few days as the Northern Rock crisis hit - well - rock bottom. Instead, his Chancellor, the hitherto virtually invisible and inaudible Alastair Darling, has suddenly been given a chance to improve his public profile. Not, mind you, that he has proved particularly adept of course. This evening, however, the crisis appeared to be receding, and Gordon felt safe enough to re-emerge and give us some comments from above.

Iconoclastic right-wing commentator Peter Oborne, meanwhile, has uncovered what he believes to be the current incarnation of the Ruling Class, or what was once known as the Establishment. Enter, stage left, the Political Class. Oborne's Spectator article on the subject is here, and whilst only convincing in parts, and largely dependent on passionate polemic, it is worth a read. With care.


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