Brown at Conference

Well ok, it's not the biggest news around but, yes, PM Gordon Brown has indeed arrived at his party's yearly jamboree. This, at least, is a leader in no danger from restless party hacks (unlike his two rivals) and who is still playing the 'will he won't he' guessing game about whether to hold an election. Two of his female cabinet members - Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper - showed all of the political acumen that their sex is derided for when, interviewed by the BBC on this ever-interesting topic, they managed to tell us that 'Gordon Brown will call an election when he's ready and given it proper thought'. No, really? So we can call Sherlock off the 'Case of the Missing Election' now, then?

Meanwhile, for those staying in on Saturday night (this might include those still suffering the after-effects of the OSA dinner on Friday), Andrew Marr's run through of the twentieth century's prime ministers might be worth a watch, on BBC 4. Gordon, of course, is firmly twenty-first century.


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